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We believe in building lifelong relationships.  We do this by taking what can be a very challenging topic - your financial life - and providing resources, clarity, and recommendations so you can make informed decisions.  At the end of the day, we specialize in independent objective financial advice.


The Keystone Wealth Partners Team


Creating a world-class client experience is our top priority, as evidenced by the expansion of our team. Each member of Keystone possesses unique attributes that make him or her the perfect fit for their precise role. To ensure that we deliver on our commitment to you, please familiarize yourself with our collection of professionals and how each member of our team can help you.
Financial Advisers
At Keystone, our experienced fiduciaries work as a collective group under one laser-focused financial planning philosophy.  Much like a hospital, we have weekly rounds where collaborative discussions take place regarding your specific situation.
John T. Hagensen – MSFS, CAS®, CIS®, CES®, CFS®, CTS®
Adviser & Managing Director
John guides the overall vision for Keystone.  His passion lies in educating prospective and current clients as to why improving their financial strategies can transform their legacies.  He provides ongoing client coaching, coffee club, hosts a radio show, is a published author and sought after public speaker.  When complex client circumstances arise, he may also meet with clientele individually.
Chad M. Fletcher – ChFC®, LUTCF
Adviser & Chief Compliance Officer
Chad uses nearly 20-years of industry experience to provide you with first-class financial planning services.  His passion lies in making sure that your plan is being reviewed on a regular basis and that we are in the loop as things change in your life.  Chad has no interaction with prospective clients and solely focuses on making sure that you remain on track for accomplishing your goals.
Perry J. Dufresne
Perry joined Keystone after a decade of industry experience, most recently working with high net worth clientele at J.P. Morgan Chase. Perry experienced the pervasive flaws of traditional brokerage firms, and wanted to be a part of something that he truly believed in. Like Chad, Perry’s focus each day is entirely on helping you, our current clients, fulfill your financial potential and has no involvement with client acquisition.
Francisco P. Sirvent
Adviser & Attorney
Fancisco owns Keystone Law Firm, our sister company. His extensive knowledge and experience as an estate planning attorney makes him a valuable resource when incorporating estate and tax planning into the plan of our high net-worth clientele. 

Client Specialists  
Erica Beiriger
At Keystone, our client specialists  Erica & Shamyra handle all service requests for existing clientele.  Specialist’s sole focus is on providing timely and efficient assistance to any of your ongoing needs. Their passion is to cheerfully make your life easier by off-loading some of the items you have on your plate, and handling them for you.  They are available throughout the day, and often can answer your question immediately, rather than you waiting for an adviser’s assistance.
Shamyra Arnold

Future Client Director
Jan Lexow
At Keystone, our future client director works diligently to ensure that all prospective clients feel comfortable and confident while building their initial relationship with Keystone. Jan takes on the responsibility of gathering all initial information regarding our future clients and organizing that material to ensure that the advisers are able to properly establish the next steps for each and every person. With Jan’s gentle touch and sweet demeanor, she has a unique ability to help all potential clients work through the first steps of becoming part of the Keystone family.

Client Experience Director
Jami Forbes
At Keystone, our client experience director ensures that all clients receive the care and attention they truly deserve. Jami uses her unique ability of building strong relationships with people to fulfill her main focus of helping you know that we truly consider each and every one of you part of our Keystone family. From helping to update and organize our client events to ensuring that Keystone is always putting forth an established and cohesive brand, Jami will make sure that you are always enjoying a superior experience while working with Keystone.

Client Coordinator
Ciara Johnson
At Keystone, our client coordinator is responsible for maintaining the office, cheerfully greeting people calling in or arriving for appointments and taking care of all scheduling for future clients. Ciara uses her great spirit and helpful demeanor to ensure that Keystone runs smoothly.

Strategies for Financial Independence

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We are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives.

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Keystone Wealth Partners, LLC acquired the Arizona branch of Warren & Hagensen Wealth Management, Inc. in 2014.

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