Wealth Management, Reimagined

At Keystone Wealth Partners, we simplify your life by integrating tax, estate, and financial planning under one roof.

Wealth Management, Reimagined

At Keystone Wealth Partners, we simplify your life by integrating tax, estate, and financial planning under one roof.

John Hagensen, Founder & Managing Director

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Theresa P.

Litchfield, AZ, current Keystone Client

“My husband and I came to Keystone Wealth in our ongoing search for a financial planner that would be a true fiduciary regarding our financial planning. We were immediately impressed in our first meeting with financial advisor Perry Dufresne. For the past five years we have continued to receive personalized, professional service from Perry and the staff at Keystone Wealth. We have experienced top notch expertise and attention to detail that is tailored to our finances in a way that we have never before experienced. We are very comfortable trusting our financial planning to Keystone because the transparency of the company puts their clients first. Our financial goals have exceeded our expectations because of the collaborative efforts between us and the staff at Keystone Wealth. We look forward to a long, continued relationship with you. Thank you!”

Ken B.

Glendale, AZ, current Client of Keystone

"Joining with the Keystone Wealth Partners has truly been a life changing event, at a time when life is truly changing. Transitioning to retirement life was daunting to say the least. We did not understand any of the “how does this work stuff.” We had done our part, and saved over the years but had no idea how to transition to retirement with the savings we had. After some very disappointing interviews with other companies that really just wanted to sale me an annuity, and no plan that fit my goals, and seemed to benefit their company more than us. We were recommended by Keystone by some friends, and very early into the initial interview it was clear that Keystone was focused on our goals, and offered a comprehensive plan to achieve my goals. We can’t think Keystone enough for guiding us along this very important next chapter of retirement. In the financial uncertainty of retirement, they were our lighthouse. They have laid out every option for us, and never pressured us, and every option always has been to our best interest. Not to overstate it, but Keystone has taken the uncertainty of retirement out of the picture, and given us the tools we need to enjoy a financially stable retirement. Thank you to the entire staff at Keystone Wealth Partners!"

John O.

Litchfield, AZ, current Keystone Client

“Working with Keystone Wealth Partners has been a life changing event for me; it’s been a blessing from the start. Every step of the way from the initial diagnosis of my finances, early plans to get on track, to my current plan has been positive and with purpose. I’ve highly recommended KWP to family and friends and they’ve all been very happy joining. I could not be happier, seriously. The financial planning side has been so positive, I now use their tax services and also estate planning! Keystone Wealth Partners are flat out the best!”

Rich L.

Chandler, AZ, current Keystone Client

“I have approached my upcoming retirement with a mix of joy about finally reaching this stage in my life and apprehension over positioning myself to be in the best possible position to have a successful post retirement life. The team at Keystone, through their knowledge and guidance, have been outstanding in designing a plan that can guide us through this transition. Their honesty and integrity gives us a real piece of mind in planning our future retired life. I highly recommend reaching out to Keystone Wealth Management and allow them to do the same for you."

Rosiland R.

Goodyear, AZ, current Keystone Client

“I sensed that something might be missing with my previous financial advisors and upon my very first introduction to Keystone Wealth Partners, my hunch proved correct. Keystone's approach to executing exceptional customer service to their clients is phenomenal as the team anticipated my overall personal financial situation with results that have exceeded my expectations. I am grateful I listened to my hunch as my overall financial situation has benefited greatly from our partnership. In addition, working with the network of Keystone experienced professionals has led to increased confidence regarding my overall financial future.”

Bill H.

Mesa, AZ, current Keystone Client

“After being referred by several of my wife’s co-workers to talk with Keystone Wealth Partners for our retirement planning, we started working with Perry Dufresne. My wife and I immediately understood why her co-workers were so pleased with Keystone’s knowledge, level of service and true compassion. Perry was patient and thorough gathering all our information so that he could provide us a comprehensive and true understanding of where we were currently and how to get to our goals even faster than we had hoped.”

Carol W.

Tempe, AZ, current Keystone Client

“When I was widowed, I had no investment experience or knowledge. I was bombarded by unsolicited high-pressure sale tactics by a myriad of investment and financial planning firms. I found Keystone Wealth Partners by attending a free seminar on tax planning in retirement. I liked what I heard and how financial planning could be individualized to meet my needs. That was a year and half ago. Today, I have a Keystone Team of folks who know me, guide me, and help me understand my money, taxes, and investments. They take the time to listen and they care.”

Bill & DeeDee H.

Mesa, AZ, current Keystone Client

“Keystone really understands how to have a support team help you plan your retirement. While you have several team members to guide you, you also will work with one particular individual who will dig deep into your planning. We have been so blessed to work with Carlton. He truly cares about us as individuals and our retirement planning."

Mark & Chris G.

Chandler, AZ, current Keystone Client

“My wife and I attended a Keystone Wealth Partners seminar 2019. After researching several financial advisors in AZ, we decided to go with KWP. Our advisor at KWP is Carlton Weber. Our experience working with Carlton has been outstanding and exceeded our expectations. Working on a financial life plan can be overwhelming. Carlton has helped us to learn and understand the process. We will be retiring in 3-4 years. KWP has earned our trust and we are confident that our investments are in good hands!”

John & Ruth U.

Bismarck, ND, current Keystone Client

“We choose Keystone Wealth Partner to counsel us and manage our financial portfolio because of the qualities they are committed to:

  1. We now have peace of mind knowing they work together as a team with one goal in do their cumulative best to put us (their client) first and create win/win strategies.
  2. Their level of professionalism extends throughout the entire organization.
  3. We appreciate Keystone not only doing what’s best for us, but in addition, they really take the necessary time to make sure we understand everything provided. This gives us the opportunity to make sound financial decisions together.
  4. They are a “One-Stop” partnership. They combine financial, tax, and legal council, all included with being a client.

After working with a number of other financial Planners over the years, we feel blessed to have now chosen Keystone Wealth Partners as our running mates!”

Tim & Kathleen G.

Tucson, AZ, current Keystone Client

“My wife and I were very impressed with the workshop. We loved your honesty and love of family. It’s obvious that you are more driven by a desire to serve than by “love of money” so we were happy to refer you to our good friends and neighbors.”

Juan & Raquel C.

Chandler, AZ, current Keystone Client

As business owners we felt it was time to start to seriously consider investment strategies and saving for our retirement. After doing my own research on all inclusive firms I came across Keystone. What peaked my interest was what seemed to be a very transparent approach to wealth management. I decided to schedule a consultation. Hands down the best decision I have ever made. From our initial meeting and going with my gut instinct and signing on as clients, we found a solid partner to help us and at times, hand hold us and be a trusted solid asset and wealth of knowledge to us. Yes investment strategies can be daunting to the average person but Keystone’s progressive steps along each meeting made what could be a very complicated process matter of fact and in terms we understood. Each person we met listened and made sure our questions were answered with grace and kindness in addition to being extremely knowledgeable. We are very pleased and most of all fully confident in all the services and investments we have with Keystone.

Eric T.

San Francisco, CA, current Keystone Client

"I’ve been a Keystone Wealth Partners client and worked with Carlton Weber for about two years. Before that, I had had only negative experiences working with financial advisors who put their own interests above those of my family. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air it is to have found this firm and to work with someone as thoughtful, responsive, and trustworthy as Carlton. I’ve been so impressed with him that I’ve referred my mother and sister, as well as many colleagues and clients, to him. If you’re interested in working with a financial advisor who will always put your family’s interests first and deliver some seriously impressive results, look no further than Carlton. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Randy S.

Bismarck, ND, current Keystone Client

“I have been doing my own taxes for many years. This past year my tax preparation became more complicated than I cared to handle. I had the tax professional at Keystone do my taxes. The process was easy and efficient and best of all, at no cost to me. I can highly recommend Keystone for their friendly, professional tax services.”

Josh B.

Sammamish, WA, Current Client of Keystone

"My wife and I began working with Keystone in our late 40's as we started to think about our road to retirement. The plan that John and Chad helped us put in place has given us incredible peace of mind to know that we are on track to meet our financial goals in the years ahead. Even though we live in Washington, working with Keystone from out of state has been a fantastic and seamless experience."

Jeff J.

Sammamish, WA, Current Client of Keystone

"I believe it is vital that you work with a financial advisor that understands who you are as a person so that they can craft a customized strategy for building wealth through investments. I have been working with John since he started advising, and have been completely satisfied by he and his team’s efforts to build my portfolio and net worth, all while continuing to encourage me to pursue my passions and make my money matter. John isn’t only concerned about my finances, but my well being as an individual and being a good steward in all areas of my life. I am blessed to be a client of Keystone!"

Lanny K.

Bismarck, ND, current Keystone Client

"We have been with Keystone Wealth partners for about 1 year now and are very pleased with the job they do for us. With Keystone Wealth Partners you are not getting a money broker you are getting a whole team of professionals from estate planners, tax planning, and available Wills/ trusts etc. all while saving us money! They are a friendly group. My only regret is not going with them sooner! Thank you Keystone!"

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