Backstage Banter

Wondering what stocks make sense in today’s investing climate? Or, whether current events may spell trouble for the markets?

Watch John Hagensen discuss such topics — and more — with members of his Keystone Wealth team in our “Backstage Banter” videos. You’ll find the insights, predictions and entertainment you need to navigate your financial future.

Market Valuation; Market Bubbles & Cryptocurrency

Trading vs Investing; Timing the Market; & Delayed Gratification

March Madness, Asking the Right Questions

Tails, Budget & Helping Your Future Self

Schadenfreude, Joy & Underdogs

The Biden Presidency & the Stock Market

Markets, S&P & Interest Rates

Inflation, Overvaluation and Opportunities

Election, Tech Bubble and Gambling

FAANG, Value and Gold

Mindsets (Scarcity & Growth)

Action Bias, Expectations, & Accountability

Money & Happiness


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