Backstage Banter

Wondering what stocks make sense in today’s investing climate? Or, whether the economic stimulus packages of 2020 are precursors for inflation? Do you worry that current events may spell trouble for the markets?

Watch John Hagensen, founder of Keystone Wealth Partners, discuss those topics and more with members of his Keystone Wealth team during their “Backstage Banter” videos. John and others at Keystone share examples of banter that frequently takes place in their office, offering insights and opinions to inform, entertain and help prepare you for what may be on the horizon.

Backstage Banter: Market Valuation; Market Bubbles & Cryptocurrency
Backstage Banter: Trading vs Investing; Timing the Market; & Delayed Gratification
Backstage Banter: March Madness, Asking the Right Questions
Backstage Banter: Tails, Budget & Helping Your Future Self
Backstage Banter: Schadenfreude, Joy & Underdogs
Backstage Banter: The Biden Presidency & the Stock Market
Backstage Banter: Markets, S&P & Interest Rates
Backstage Banter: Inflation, Overvaluation and Opportunities
Backstage Banter: Election, Tech Bubble and Gambling
Backstage Banter: FAANG, Value and Gold
Backstage Banter 3: Mindsets (Scarcity & Growth)
Backstage Banter 2: Action Bias, Expectations, & Accountability
Backstage Banter 1: Money & Happiness

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