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Financial knowledge is power, which is why John Hagensen has written two compelling books to help guide you toward a retirement you love.

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“Dropping F-Bombs: Faith, Family, Finance, Football” is a podcast for family men who are passionate about Faith, Family, Finance and Football … and who believe that they should be kept in that order. Tune in as John meets you at the intersection of life’s most important places, where together progress will be made!


“The Retirement Flight Plan: Arriving Safely at Financial Success”

If an airplane departs on a path even a few degrees off of its intended route, it could end up hundreds of miles from where it's supposed to land. The difference gets worse the farther the plane flies. Planning for your retirement is much the same. You need to know your starting point and destination, and plan for any number of variables in between, as well as have a plan to keep you accountable if you start to veer off course. In “The Retirement Flight Plan,” John Hagensen uses stories and examples from his experience as both a pilot and financial adviser to outline the course for a financial plan that is built to last into retirement and beyond. While many financial professionals focus solely on how to get to retirement, John's specialty lies in helping clients stay retired.


“Unleash Your Investments”

In “Unleash Your Investments,” John Hagensen unpacks nine simple truths about financially preparing for retirement. In an era where many retirees are unsure and feel all too often that the game is rigged against them, John’s book aims to cut through the noise and help readers understand the whys and hows behind concepts like:

  • The Mortgage Trick
  • Keeping More in Your Pocket
  • Volatility’s Impact on Retirement

Download your copy of “Unleash Your Investments” and learn these nine simple truths to transform your legacy.


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