Estate Planning

Protect the legacy you’ve spent a lifetime building.

No one wants to contemplate their own death, but it is necessary for the financial planning process, especially if you plan to leave something for your loved ones. Estate planning can help protect your assets from unnecessary taxes and fees and save your loved ones additional heartache after you’ve passed.

With the help of our in-house CPA and estate planning attorney, we will review your estate plan to:

  • Check for inaccuracies in any outdated documents
  • Examine assets for proper funding
  • Revisit documents to ensure reflection of life-changing events

Aaron Coates Certified Public Accountant & Advisor


Leah Ellsworth Estate Planning Attorney


Estate Planning and preparation

Keystone Wealth Partners will work with you year-round to ensure your estate planning documents meet your legacy needs as your life evolves, including:

  • Consulting, designing and implementing comprehensive estate planning to meet personal legacy goals
  • Assistance with trust funding
  • Creating new trust documents
  • Updating trust documents as needed

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