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Today’s retirees and those soon to enter retirement face unique challenges regarding their income, and the search for information can be overwhelming. Do you want to learn more about how to reduce your taxes in retirement? Are you up to date with the state’s planning laws? Do you know how to manage risk and drive income regardless of the market’s ups and downs?

Get the latest insights on these and other essential retirement topics from Keystone associates, who have been featured in a wide range of publications and news outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and more.


The Quick Ratio is a Basic Liquidity Metric That Helps Determine a Company’s Solvency

A company’s quick ratio is a measure of liquidity used to evaluate its capacity to meet short-term liabilities using its most-liquid assets. A company with a high quick ratio can meet its current obligations and still have some liquid assets remaining.

How Much a No-Gift Christmas Could Save You This Year and Throughout Your Lifetime

Look at the calendar: The December holidays are coming. And fast. And that means the decorating, baking, shopping and gift-giving frenzy is about to begin.

4 Ways To Teach Preteens About Saving Money

It’s never too early to teach children the value of money. We do it with little ones as we watch them drop pennies and other loose change into their piggy banks, telling them that one day, those pennies will grow into dollars. We tell them money doesn’t grow on trees, that a penny saved is […]

How the S&P 500 Leads to Simple Success for Everyday Investors

The S&P 500 is a stock market index that tracks 500 publicly traded U.S. companies. It is a highly regarded barometer of the overall stock market and as investors, it’s important to understand its role in your portfolio.

How to Set Up an Estate Plan

Thinking about estate plans usually evokes an image of a wealthy family summoning their family lawyer to make sure their summer homes pass through to the children while evading taxes.

What to know about SIMPLE IRAs: Retirement accounts for small businesses and their employees.

Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE) IRAs are a type of individual retirement account offered by small businesses with less than 100 employees.

Understanding what financial advisors do and how they help clients better manage their money

Do you plan to retire one day? Maybe get married or go to college? How about paying down some debt? These are all reasonable and attainable financial goals.

Arizona approves five more entities for new legal business structure

The Arizona Supreme Court has licensed a new batch of entities to operate as alternative business structures, after the state loosened rules last year around law firm ownership.

How to Strategize the Uphill Climb of Life

Clinical psychologist Dr. Dan Pallesen and marathon runner Brendan Leonard offer their opposing strategies on how to make your way up the hill of life.

The Science Behind 2021’s Colors of the Year

Clinical psychologist Dr. Dan Pallesen explains the science behind this year’s colors of the year.

The Health Benefits of Gratitude

Dr. Dan Pallesen, a licensed clinical psychologist, shares tips on how to change your brain with gratitude.

Tips for keeping credit card debt down during the coronavirus pandemic

With Arizona’s unemployment rate hovering around 12%, it’s getting harder and harder for families to make it without turning to credit cards to make ends meet.

The Psychology of Panic Buying

Clinical psychologist Dan Pallesen explains the underlying psychological reasons people panic buy.

If you’re panic shopping, chances are good you might also panic-sell your stocks

It’s not all in your mind. The growing panic over coronavirus is real, and fear is a rational response.

3 Timeless Tips to Start Your 2020 Off Right

The end of the year comes with a rush. As the clock counts down, you’re confronted with two diametrically opposed feelings.

7 Behaviors That Threaten Your Financial Security

Avoid overspending, under-budgeting and other pitfalls that can derail your financial well-being.

Fixed-income investments like bonds aim for steady income, lower risk in your portfolio

Dennis Shirshikov, a financial analyst with entrepreneurship website in New York, manages a portfolio for himself, one for his parents and one for his two small children.

How to save money in your 40s

By the time you turn 40, the pace of your life is a lot different from what it was when you were fresh out of college or still figuring things out in your 30s.

As Convertible-Bond Issuance Soars, Investors Should Be Cautious

Issuance is way up this year because it is a relatively inexpensive way for companies to raise money and investor appetite is high

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple And Litecoin: Good Or Bad Investments?

Cryptocurrency experts remain bullish on the future of major cryptocurrencies.

Financial advisors: Here’s how to handle the stock market roller coaster

Down nearly 1,200 points one day. Up 560 points the next. With the markets ping-ponging with such volatility, how worried should ordinary investors be?


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