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The Vision for Keystone

Learn how John Hagensen’s challenge of the status quo spawned one of the fastest growing firms in America.


John T. Hagensen, MSFS, CFP®, CAS, CIS, CES, CFS, CTS

Founder and Managing Director


To ensure a safe flight, a pilot must be able to act decisively and adapt as different conditions emerge. It is this kind of precision that not only made John an exceptional airline pilot but also the pioneer of one of the country’s fastest-growing Registered Investment Advisory firms*.

John’s vision for Keystone Wealth Partners is to seamlessly integrate tax, estate, and financial planning all under one roof. A self-described “reformed broker”, John witnessed firsthand the inherent industry flaws as a traditional financial adviser during the first several years of his career. With that in mind, he set out to offer something of more value for everyday Americans through integrated guidance that had been previously reserved almost exclusively for ultra-high net worth investors.

John’s thought leadership is driven by his desire to find new ways to educate investors. Having the heart of a teacher, John takes a consultative approach to wealth management. He shares his knowledge and experience through his weekly radio show, “Rethink Your Money,” as well as through his weekly podcast, “Dropping F-Bombs: Faith, Family, Finance, Football.” A sought-after public speaker, John has educated thousands of people nearing retirement across the country. He is also a two-time author. His first book, Unleash Your Investments , hit shelves in 2017, and his most recent book titled, The Retirement Flight Plan was released in the winter of 2019.

John has a Master of Science in Financial Services from the Institute of Business & Finance, a Strategic Decision and Risk Management Professional Certification from Stanford University, and a Behavioral Finance Professional Certificate from Duke University. He completed his Bachelor of Science at Corban University in Salem, Oregon.

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