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charity: water

Your support is helping transform communities.

With your help, our commitment to charity: water is already paying dividends for communities across Ethiopia, ensuring access to clean, healthy drinking water.

More than 60 million people in Ethiopia lack basic access to clean water, but you are helping Keystone Wealth Partners to change that by providing support to charity: water.


Keystone Wealth Partners Investment to Date


Water Projects Funded in Ethiopia


People Served Once Projects Are Complete

July-December 2018 | School Water and Sanitation Point Funded

  • $40,000 invested
  • 400 students served (once complete)
  • Status: Fully funded! Construction kicking off in 2019

April 2018 | Community Drilled Well Funded

  • $10,000 invested
  • 200 community members served (once complete)
  • Status: In progress

December 2017 | Community Spring Protection Funded

  • $10,000 invested
  • 175 people served (once complete)
  • Status: In progress

Thank you for supporting Keystone Wealth Partners and helping us to enhance the work of charity: water.

“Clean drinking water is a catalyst for health, gender equality, improved education and economic development. Thank you for supporting our mission through your business.” – charity: water

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